Let Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta Be Your Home!

Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta will consistently welcome you, either alone or with your family. We understand that having arrived in big city like Jakarta, you or your family will likely spend a huge amount of energy delivering an effort to set up a new life!  

Prioritizing your tasks could be challenging, like trying to be settled into your office work, looking for a house or apartment to stay or the schools for your kids, leasing or buying a vehicle, adjusting yourself with a new environment, buying some stuffs, going to making new friends or networking.We at Ra Residence recognize these challenges and we strive to make your arrival hassle free.

Your sponsoring company will most likely to give you a recommendation for you and your family to stay. Initially in a hotel or a serviced-apartment, prior to your permanent residence. With our experiences in dealing with expat community in Jakarta, we also recognize the need for services to fill the gap in providing the temporary accommodation while the final lease agreement for their permanent residence is being processed. This process may prove to be a time consuming task, Ra Residence provides solution to ensure smooth transition.

Your company may also suggest you to stay in temporary housing until your household goods shipment has cleared customs. There are ways around this rule, by the posting of a bond, which your company may be able to facilitate. There is nothing more frustrating than spending weeks in a hotel, to move out into your new home, only to find that you have to wait another 1-2 months for your household goods to be shipped and/or cleared.

Hence, Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta may become your solution and we would be happy to provide our excellent service to accommodate your needs.  

Our serviced-apartment is recently being opened and it is located in Cilandak, in South Jakarta area, where many expats are living. We provide 6 kinds of rooms you can choose, either for you to stay alone or with the family. Our rooms are completed with the kitchenettes which are great for our dear guests. Other service we have is a broadband internet connection in each rooms. Hence you can be easily get connected 24 hours a day with the world.

If you prefer to stay in Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta Serviced-Apartment, we are sure that you will enjoy it, because our service is supported with hi-tech for registration that will ease you and save your time from hustle bustle, besides the elegant living conditions, and often access to fitness and sports facilities for long-term as well as short term residence. There are shopping malls around that are close to be reached and we provide a service of vehicle for your transportation. 

You may find that you like your temporary residence enough to stay there permanently! For more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you. 

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