HIGHLIGHT | Ra Stube, Rustic Bar & Resto Bernuansa Jerman

Apa menu Jerman yang Anda kenal atau menjadi favorit Anda atau keluarga Anda? Schnitzel, Wurst, Fleischkaese, Rinderroulade atau Goulaschsuppe? Telah banyak bertebaran kini beberapa bar, resto dan hotel berbintang di ibukota ini yang menyajikan hidangan khas negeri "der Panzer" dengan cita rasa yang menggoda selera yang bisa menjadi pilihan. Dan sekarang, hadir satu lagi, bar & resto khas Jerman yang menyemarakkan dunia kuliner di Jakarta, yaitu Ra Stube, yang terletak di Jl. Intan No. 25 Cilandak Jakarta Selatan, persisnya di halaman depan sebuah serviced apartment baru, Ra Residence yang baru saja opening. Setelah mendulang sukses sejak dibukanya Die Stube di bilangan Kemang, lalu menyusul Imbiss Stube di Citos dan Sport Stube di PI Driving Range, pengelola bar & resto bernuansa sport, Bp. Patrick Widjaja, membuka satu outlet lagi yang bernuansa rustic.

Dalam pengertian etimologis, die Stube yang berasal dari bahasa Jerman ini, aslinya merupakan bagian rumah yang dilengkapi dengan penghangat ruangan (yang biasanya digunakan saat musim dingin dan umumnya banyak terdapat di rumah-rumah tradisional di daerah pertanian). Die Stube bisa juga berarti ruangan yang hangat sehingga siapapun merasa nyaman berada atau berlama-lama didalamnya. Sehingga tak heran jika desain interior bar & resto khas die Stube di Jakarta banyak menggunakan elemen kayu atau rustic design dan elemen natural lainnya, yang dipadukan dengan gaya urban modern sehingga membuat suasana terasa hangat bagi setiap pengunjung.

Ra Residence, the Serviced Apartment with a New Approach

How many residential properties in Jakarta have been recently developed with high-tech while taking an eco-friendly approach in keeping with a green environment? You won't find many. Most buildings today seem to be built with some of the most high-tech facilities and equipment only. 

It is a great challenge indeed to balance efficiency with cost effectiveness in this day and age. Just imagine the difficulties of trying to balance a successful project taking energy saving technologies, i.e. water and electricity. The buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us from the daily elements of weather, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways. As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, there has been a shift taking these factors into consideration. Developing buildings that will be not only run more efficiently but also more effective for a healthily life as well!

This brings us to Cilandak area and a visit to Ra Residence, a brand new building catering to expatriates and  world business travelers, not to mention discerning residents of Jakarta and beyond. This new property represents a rare opportunity to balance prestigious urban living with established high tech go-green concepts!

Birthday Party at Ra Residence

Children are such a huge source of joy and they make our world so much more beautiful! So we ought to make sure that we keep the children around us happy. One way to keep them happy is to set up a memorable birthday party. In order to make the birthday of your kid special you have to take some time to plan it. Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta was glad to support the parent of Sebastian to organize it.

With the concept of pool party, held on October 14th 2015, a birthday party organized for Sebastian was going quite festive. This event started from 03.00 PM to 09.00PM. The guests arrived in the lobby and they were given a warm welcome by our staff and were ushered to the party venue, the swimming pool located next to Ra Stube restaurant.

Moving to Jakarta

Moving to Jakarta will take you to a bustling city, complete with skyscrapers and traffic jams. Indeed, Jakarta is often considered to be the “Big Apple” of Southeast Asia. Our guide on moving to Jakarta will help you with your move by providing you with advice on housing, education, visas and more.

The Big Apple (Big Durian) of Southeast Asia is the economic, political and cultural hub of the Indonesian archipelago. With almost 10 million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Indonesia. Jakarta is a fascinating place, even though it is fighting against the negative image of being a terrorist stronghold. This prejudice arose in the wake of violent terrorist incidents across Indonesia in the past decade. Actually, most expats in Jakarta are pleased with their decision to move to Jakarta and enjoy the city’s flair.

5 Best German Restaurant in Town

Your search for the best tall glass of cold German beer, the tastiest fall-off-the bone pork knuckle and juiciest wurst ends here; we list some of the best places in Jakarta to enjoy Bavarian cuisine with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

1.     Die Stube
Established in 2004, Die Stube has always been a welcoming hideaway where regulars and newcomers alike would come and enjoy authentic German cuisine and linger over cold beer. In the expert hands of executive chef, Ralf Schmidt the restaurant’s menu has become the talk of the town featuring mouthwatering German specialties such as Rinder Roulade (Beef Roll) as well as an assortment of homemade German sausages.The cozy yet lively bar area still draws in guests for its pub ambiance. Those who like sports will undoubtedly enjoy the facilities the stube has to offer. Die Stube boasts 7 flat-screen TVs in addition to its 3 large screen projectors.
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 2, Plaza Bisnis Kemang 1.
Opening hours: 10.00 - 01.00.