Let Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta Be Your Home!

Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta will consistently welcome you, either alone or with your family. We understand that having arrived in big city like Jakarta, you or your family will likely spend a huge amount of energy delivering an effort to set up a new life!  

Prioritizing your tasks could be challenging, like trying to be settled into your office work, looking for a house or apartment to stay or the schools for your kids, leasing or buying a vehicle, adjusting yourself with a new environment, buying some stuffs, going to making new friends or networking.We at Ra Residence recognize these challenges and we strive to make your arrival hassle free.

Your sponsoring company will most likely to give you a recommendation for you and your family to stay. Initially in a hotel or a serviced-apartment, prior to your permanent residence. With our experiences in dealing with expat community in Jakarta, we also recognize the need for services to fill the gap in providing the temporary accommodation while the final lease agreement for their permanent residence is being processed. This process may prove to be a time consuming task, Ra Residence provides solution to ensure smooth transition.

Opening of Ra Stube and Birthday Celebration

Attended by more than 50 people and taken place at Ra Stube German Bar & Resto, Ms. Ira Lembong just celebrated her birthday on Monday evening 02/11. The party was started around 7pm and the house was full with the local and expat guests and friends. They sat together and enjoyed the meals served while having great conversation and laughter.

The menus served for this party were typical Germans cuisines, consisted  of appetizers, main courses and desserts. For salads there were Kani Salad and Spinach Salad, beside the Wurst (sausage) and Schitzel with optional sauces. For main courses there were the rice, noodles and completed with meats. Having finished enjoying the main course, there are dessert and some drinks provided. During the party, there was also Nasi Tumpeng that was specially made.

Living in Jakarta

As an expat living in Jakarta, you will be living in Indonesia’s largest city. With its 9.8 million inhabitants, Jakarta is a metropolis with international flair. Read the InterNations Guide on Jakarta for more information on Southeast Asia’s “Big Apple,” from culture to healthcare.

Although Indonesia is perhaps not the highest ranking among expat destinations, life in Jakarta can be thrilling. Due to Indonesia’s long and turbulent colonial history, the influence of the Dutch and Portuguese are still prevalent. There are many traces from colonial times in Jakarta, from the buildings to the way the city itself is structured.

As the metropolis of Indonesia, Jakarta attracts many new residents from other parts of Indonesia. Not only are the residents of Jakarta relatively open-minded in respect to foreigners, but the mix of nationalities brings a unique flair to the city.

With quite a few cultural offerings to attract tourists, Jakarta successfully lures expats to its city center. The restoration of the Jakarta Arts Center, for example, along with a number of other buildings, means that the city can now boast some of the country’s best concerts and exhibitions.