Ra Residence, the Serviced Apartment with a New Approach

How many residential properties in Jakarta have been recently developed with high-tech while taking an eco-friendly approach in keeping with a green environment? You won't find many. Most buildings today seem to be built with some of the most high-tech facilities and equipment only. 

It is a great challenge indeed to balance efficiency with cost effectiveness in this day and age. Just imagine the difficulties of trying to balance a successful project taking energy saving technologies, i.e. water and electricity. The buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us from the daily elements of weather, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways. As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, there has been a shift taking these factors into consideration. Developing buildings that will be not only run more efficiently but also more effective for a healthily life as well!

This brings us to Cilandak area and a visit to Ra Residence, a brand new building catering to expatriates and  world business travelers, not to mention discerning residents of Jakarta and beyond. This new property represents a rare opportunity to balance prestigious urban living with established high tech go-green concepts!

The technology that you will experience here may appear magical upon your first visit. For example when you enter one of the modern appointed restrooms on the property you will notice the lights turn on automatically upon entering, then when you leave the light will turn off automatically. Magic! Another use of this automatic lighting technology is in the elevators and hallways/alleys. Utilizing this simple technology has a huge impact on cost savings throughout the property not to mention increased safety for the residents.

There are 110 beautifully appointed units in total, that consist of various types and layouts. These include the Ra Studio, Ra Studio Deluxe, Ra Studio Executive, Ra Executive Suite, Ra Premier Suite and Ra Residence Suite. In order to simplify the business travelers needs, the rooms can be booked via an online service. Completed with an online form with easy to understand terms and conditions.

A desirable set of  facilities are available for the most discerning traveler making Ra Residence a nice comfortable place to stay not only for the business traveler but the whole family. A convenient children's playground, game room, swimming pool with a unique glass design that is fun for the whole family. Not to mention the world class whirlpool and abundant gym facilities for the health conscious traveler. You will enjoy the industrial rustic style cafe named Ra Stube, at the front of the building where you will find typical western fare while you enjoy your stay with you and your visitors.

Be sure to take advantage of the available meeting and conference rooms for business, group or corporate activities. There are specific rooms, i.e. Raja, Ratu, Raja Ampat, Rao, Raya, Rago, Rakit, Rakata, and Randayan that are available for either small or or large group discussion and meetings, training, interviews and presentations. All of  the rooms are air-conditioned and include modern furniture and supportive hi-tech meeting equipment that will support all users. The staff will assure that you will have an enjoyable experience while taking advantage of a unique ambiance and a breathtaking view of Jakarta city.

Source: Ra Residence, the Serviced Apartment with a New Approach
Reported by +Premium House Marketing Communications/PR Division.
Photo courtesy of Ra Residence Jakarta

Jl. Intan Nr. 25 Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan 12430

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