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A true German restaurant in the heart of Jakarta? Das ist sehr gut!

Die Stube is loosely translated as a cozy room or lounge. It is the labor of love for Mr. Patrick Widjaja, an Indonesian who was born and raised in Germany. He wanted to bring the traditional German experience to Jakarta, so he established Die Stube in Kemang as a small bar back in 2004, serving German beer and pub food. Over the years, it grew into a full-on restaurant; a testimony of the place’s popularity with Jakarta’s public. 

Warm and homely, the interior is dominated by dark wood. The bar welcomes you as you walk in. German memorabilia decorates the place, but some Indonesian knick knacks here and there add a nice local accent. 

We started with the Vorspeisen (appetizer) in the form of Aufschnittplatte mit Schinken, Wurst, Kaese, Brot und Butter (50k). This is a dish of mixed cold cuts served with cheese, bread, and butter. The meats included here are the hunter pork sausage, hunter beef sausage, blood sausage, liver, bierschinken, ham, and pastrami. The brown bread also complements the dish very nicely. What a great way to start your German culinary journey! 

Up next, the specialty of the house or Speazialitaeten. What could be more German than some sausages? Die Stube sausages are freshly homemade, and the same with the mustard, a typical companion for the meat and this is a big plus. 

The Bonanza Wurst Platte or a platter of sausages was our pick. Priced at 105k, it’s a great serving of assorted sausages. You can have a full-on platter with pork sausages, or you can have one with all non-pork varieties. 

There are some sides that you can choose to go with your platter: sauerkraut or fermented cabbage, baked beans, pan roasted potatoes, and butter spinach. We opted for the two latter ones, and they were really delightful. Directly imported from Germany, the spinach is especially wonderful. 

For dessert, we chose the Kaiserschmaren mit Rosinen (30k) or scrambled pancake with raisin. Topped with powdered sugar, the dish is deceptively simple, but the flavor is quite complex and scrumptious! 

Die Stube also pride itself to be probably the only place in town that has the Erdinger Weissbier (Wheat beer) on tap. The 500 ml glass (priced at 115k) will surely refresh you! Speaking of which, the happy hour here is available Monday through Friday, 5 – 8pm, with 50% off on beers. Not a bad way to loosen up after work. 

Another good deal to look out for, every Thursday night is Ladies Night. From 5pm onwards, all you ladies can get a 50% discount on food and beverages! Now that is some deal! For you pork knuckle lovers, do not miss Die Stube’s Pork Knuckle day every last Tuesday of the month where the price is reduced from 215k to 150k, all day! So, knuck yourself out.

Die Stube is open early. So, why don’t you stop by for a nice German breakfast on your way to work? It’ll be a nice change to your daily routine. 

This little corner in Kemang is a great place to taste real German cuisine in Jakarta.
(Budi Iskandar)
Source: Die Stube

Die Stube German Bar & Restaurant
Jl. Kemang Raya No 2
Plaza Bisnis Kemang 1
Jakarta Selatan12730

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