Ra Residence | The Reasons to Choose Serviced Apartment

Have you just discovered the all time worst kept secrets of the hospitality industry? Not only is staying in a serviced apartment less expensive, it provides you with more space, more privacy, and more freedom than staying in a hotel room! But what is it - “a serviced apartment”?

Indeed the name varies between different countries, between different languages and even within the same language, moreover,  the services provided also vary, blurring product descriptions and concepts. This lack of clarity is challenging for the industry because clients might be misled in their expectations of the level of services.

The present article aims at bringing clarity and at conveying to clients what they have as a right to expect from serviced apartments in comparison to hotel rooms. The term ‘serviced apartment’ is traditionally used to describe an apartment alternative to hotel stamping accommodation  for short/long stay leisure or business travelers.

Ra Residence | Serviced Apartment Trend for 2016

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With the last 12 months being an exceptional year of growth, Piers Brown looks at his top 6 serviced apartment trends for 2016.

1. Step up from insularity
A major travel buyer recently said the sector is "very good at talking to each other, but not so good at talking to the people who want to use its services" - a worrying reflection on how serviced apartments are perceived in some important parts of the distribution chain.

With the UK serviced apartment sector predicted to double in size within two years by Savills, expect growth in new entrants, company takeovers, an influx of media coverage, fresh accreditation schemes, new trade association attention, and industry awards to recognise best practice and achievement. With the inevitable increase in competition from new incumbents, expect to see a more transparent, broad - minded and unbiased approach from sector stalwarts (at risk of being left behind) to drive the industry forward.