Expats Behind the Burners of Jakarta’s Top Eateries

There is a vibrant culinary scene in Jakarta and expats are no stranger to it. French, German, Italian, Australian expats work in kitchens across the city, sharing the same passion for food in what can sometimes be a challenging environment. Sophie Chavanel visited seven expat chefs in their kitchens to find out how they ended up in Jakarta and what makes each restaurant stand out from the crowd. 
Ralf Schmidt
Restaurant: Die Stube
Age: 49
Nationality: German
Moved to Jakarta: 2012

What brought you to Jakarta?
After eight years in Bali, I was looking for a new challenge.

Where were you working before?
Kori restaurant Bar in Kuta.

What is the most difficult ingredient to find?
Quark, it’s a cheese from Germany we use for baking.

Chef’s recommendation?
Roast pork knuckles, but make sure you order in advance. This fine German delicacy takes three hours to prepare.

It is with a very ungerman broad smile that Chef Ralf welcomes us to Die Stube, a classic German pub tucked away in a little alley at the entrance of Kemang. Everything about this Bavarian restaurant makes you feel as if you have stepped into ‘little Germany’ in the middle of Jakarta. The Tudor-inspired building facade, the big wooden picnic tables inside, the authentic menu and the German beer selection is similar to what you would find in any classic pub in Germany, and it’s all about meat! The spatzles and roasted potatoes are very tasty. I also recommend the platter of homemade sausages to share. Die Stube is a noisy and lively place where expats and Indonesians, regular customers and curious newbies, mingle. Be ready to share your table and meet new friends! Great spot to gather with a big group of people, to watch sports or for a family dinner.

Die Stube German Bar & Restaurant
Plaza Bisnis Kemang 1
Jl. Kemang Raya no. 2
+62 (21) 71793486

Ra Stube German Bar & Restaurant
Ra Residence Simatupang Jakarta
Jl. Intan No. 25 Cilandak Jakarta Selatan

Die Stube | Imbiss Stube | Sport Stube | Ra Stube
Managed under the same Group

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